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Mass Demonstration in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia in response to sectarian massacre


Picture from @SabirAbuMaryam

30,000 are reported to have demonstrated yesterday in Saudi Arabia after the massacre of at least 7 Shia at a religious festival on Monday night. The Saudi police claim the massacre was the work of Al Qaida rather than ISIS. Shia make up 15% of the Saudi population. Prominent Shia cleric, Nimr al-Nimr is about to be executed after being tried after a confrontation with security forces. Nimr has been calling for democratic rights in Saudi Arabia and has a considerable following.
The radicalism in the Shia community in Saudi is neither religiously sectarian nor pro-Iran, at the moment. From the slogans reported in the funeral/ demonstration yesterday they fear both a sectarian degeneration of the conflict and being driven out of Saudi.
Very little coverage from the media yet. But as the conflict intensifies they won’t be able to maintain their silence on human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia much longer.