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Letter to East Midlands Labour MPs for an open contest for leadership

The letter below has been sent to all 14 East Midlands Labour MPs Monday , 8th – the day before nominations started.
It is hosted on this site purely for convenience. The full  Jeremy Corbyn leadership campaign website can be found at
The MPs have been told that we will continue to collect signatures until close of nominations on the Monday, 15th June. If you want to add your name please fill in the form at the bottom of the post.
I will relay any reply from those MPs to all signatories



Dear colleague

We would like to call on you as one of our MPs in this region to not only consider giving support to Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership contest but to also give serious consideration to the damaging implications for the Party if Jeremy is excluded from the contest.

All candidates prior to Jeremy’s standing share a common desire to move the party rightwards on one policy or another. Whilst that may have support amongst the Parliamentary Party, we believe a very large proportion of the membership, particularly new members, oppose that.

Excluding Jeremy from the leadership debate will deny them being represented and other members hearing those views and will have damaging consequences for the unity of the Party.

We therefore ask you to do as Harriet Harman, David Miliband and others did in the last election and consider nominating a candidate who you may not support in the final vote but whose inclusion enhances the democratic choice of Party members: in others word nominating Jeremy Corbyn if your preferred candidate has reached the required number of nominations.

Signed (all in personal capacity)

  1. Cllr Alice Grice, Notts County Council and Sherwood CLP
  2. Cllr John Wilkinson,Notts County Council, Hucknall BLP, Sherwood CLP
  3. Cllr Cheryl Butler, Leader of Ashfield District Council, Ashfield CLP
  4. Cllr Keir Morrison, Ashfield District Council and Sherwood CLP
  5. Cllr Lauren Mitchell, Ashfield District Council and Sherwood CLP
  6. Cllr Tim Brown, Ashfield District Council and Ashfield CLP
  7. Cllr Amanda Brown, Ashfield District Council and Ashfield CLP
  8. Cllr Lachlan Morrison, Ashfield District Council and Sherwood CLP
  9. Cllr Greg Marshall, Broxtowe Borough Council and CLP
  10. Cllr Ilyas Aziz, Nottm City Councillor, Nottm East CLP
  11. Cllr Neghat Khan,Nottm City Councillor, Nottm East CLP
  12. Cllr Steve Battlemuch, Nottm City Council, Nottm South CLP
  13. Cheryl Pidgeon, Former Labour PPC, South Derbyshire constituency
  14. Cllr Dawn Elliott, Broxtowe Council, Chair, Broxtowe CLP
  15. Cllr Teresa Cullen, Broxtowe Council, Broxtowe CLP
  16. Cllr Clare Neill, Derbyshire County Council, Erewash CLP
  17. Cllr Gary Sanders, South Leicestershire CLP
  18. Cllr Keir Chewings, Chairman Cotgrave Town Council, Rushcliffe CLP
  19. Cllr Rose Bulfin, South Normanton Parish Council, Bolsover CLP
  20. Ronne Randall, Rushcliffe CLP
  21. Dave Ratchford, Secretary, Broxtowe CLP
  22. Val Graham, Chesterfield CLP
  23. Simon Heywood, Chesterfield CLP
  24. Lindsay Neil, Chesterfield CLP
  25. Pete Bone, Broxtowe CLP
  26. Kat Mycock, Broxtowe CLP
  27. Paul Swift, Broxtowe CLP
  28. Simon Cross, Broxtowe CLP
  29. Pete Radcliff, Broxtowe CLP
  30. Helen Skinner,  Broxtowe CLP
  31. Ellie Winfield, Broxtowe CLP
  32. Lisa Clarke, Broxtowe CLP
  33. Claire Lawrence, Broxtowe CLP
  34. Ted Perfect, Broxtowe CLP
  35. Andrew Coolin, Broxtowe CLP
  36. Henry Kennington, Broxtowe CLP
  37. Kirstie Coolin, Broxtowe CLP
  38. Christine Rimmer, Broxtowe CLP
  39. Richard Hepple, Broxtowe CLP
  40. Dave Mycock, Broxtowe CLP
  41. Liz Brown, Broxtowe CLP
  42. Eamon McFadden, Broxtowe CLP
  43. Helen Henry, Broxtowe CLP
  44. Andrea Oates, Broxtowe CLP
  45. Tracy O’Shea, Broxtowe CLP
  46. Rupert Holman, Broxtowe CLP
  47. Ed Lyons, Broxtowe CLP
  48. Tim Cooper, Nottm East CLP
  49. Vicky Morris, Nottm East CLP
  50. Tariq Mahmood, Nottm East CLP
  51. Nick Raine, Nottm East CLP
  52. Maria Fawcett, Nottm East CLP
  53. Diane Fletcher, Nottm East CLP
  54. Adele Williams, Nottm East CLP
  55. Louise Regan, Nottm East CLP
  56. Jane Ashworth, Nottm East CLP
  57. Esther Richardson, Nottm East CLP
  58. Hannah Sawtell, Nottm East CLP
  59. Helen Leach, Nottm East CLP
  60. Thomas Unterrainer, Nottm East CLP
  61. Susi Artis, Nottm East CLP
  62. Emily Carter, Nottm East CLP and Nottm Trent Uni Labour Club President
  63. Angela Gerrard, Erewash CLP
  64. Katie Russell, Erewash CLP
  65. Sue Basker, Erewash CLP
  66. Caelan Gill, Leicester South CLP
  67. Nathan Oswin, Leicester South CLP
  68. Simon Rosenthal, Leicester South CLP
  69. Sam Rosenthal, Leicester South CLP
  70. Barrie Fairbairn, Leicester South CLP
  71. Harriet Clarke, Leicester South CLP
  72. Jane Clarke, Leicester South CLP
  73. Hayley Warren, Sherwood CLP
  74. Isabel Speller, Sherwood CLP
  75. Kathryn Cooper, Sherwood CLP
  76. Thomas Regan, Nottm South CLP
  77. Najeeb Nazir, Nottm South CLP
  78. Jonathan Biggins, Nottm South CLP
  79. Rochelle Mcfarlane, Nottm South CLP
  80. Ingrid Green, Gedling CLP
  81. Graham De Max, Gedling CLP
  82. Sue Chivers, Gedling CLP
  83. Emily Bailey, Gedling CLP
  84. Michael Boyle, Gedling CLP
  85. Phil Johnson, South Leicestershire CLP
  86. Adam Willis, Hucknall BLP,Sherwood CLP
  87. Clive Norris, Hucknall BLP,Sherwood CLP
  88. Ian Morrison, Hucknall BLP, Sherwood CLP
  89. Kevin Cocker, Sherwood CLP
  90. Nathaniel Mason, Sherwood CLP
  91. Andy Coupe, Sherwood CLP
  92. Tony Byrne, Newark CLP
  93. Chris Gibbon, Newark CLP
  94. James West, Derby South CLP
  95. Natalie Fleet, Ashfield CLP
  96. Melanie Darrington, Ashfield CLP
  97. Mark Fretwell, Mansfield CLP
  98. Cari Spokes, Wellingborough and Rushden CLP
  99. Rob Reddan, Wellingborough and Rushden CLP
  100. Stuart Grice, Loughborough CLP
  101. Jayne Linney, Leicester West CLP
  102. Malcolm Hunter, Leicester West CLP
  103. Chris Allen, Leicester East CLP

If so let me know along with CLP and/or union and position if any etc

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