What do we need from Momentum

I have drafted something for what I believe Momentum should be. There has been a lot of talk in the media – exaggerating any differences. Part of the problem is that there has no clear statement of what Momentum stands for.

At last a discussion is starting in regional meetings before a National Committee meeting next week – discussion will undoubtedly continue. I hope some statement like this may come out of these debates.  I hope also that we get an agreement to have a membership, proper branch structures and a democratic Momentum conference within 3 months.

I welcome others views if you agree with it add our name in the form below.


Pete Radcliff

Momentum is a social movement committed to: winning Labour for working people; winning working people for Labour; the return of a Labour government which rules in the interests of working people. In pursuit of these aims we promote political discussion and build campaigning alliances which bring together CLPs, trade unions, local community groups and other social movements.

1. Momentum champions the ideas of working-class struggle and working-class political representation, shaping different areas of its work around them. It seeks to actively back working-class, anti-austerity, liberation, etc, struggles and mobilise its supporters to help them – and to win the support of the Labour Party at local and national level for these struggles.

2. Momentum seeks to work in trade unions, cooperating with other forces seeking effective, militant campaigning and grassroots democracy, but also specifically working to develop each unions political orientation to, demands on and formal or informal links with the Labour Party – as well as working to recruit Labour members in each union.

3. Momentum seeks to act as a forum for left/socialist political education, organising debates, discussions and study both through Momentum itself and in the wider party and labour movement.

4. Momentum is oriented to working in the Labour Party.
That means:
– getting more members, particularly Corbyn supporters, along to party meetings;
– changing party policy and highlighting good policy which is dormant;
– getting the party out campaigning on issues and not just in elections;
– fighting for party democracy, including a genuinely sovereign conference and an end to exclusions and witch-hunts against left-wingers; and
– using Labour Party selection processes to win support for prospective candidates who share our politics and our commitment to a Parliamentary Labour Party which is democratically accountable to the mass membership of the Labour Party.
All this while helping build the party and promoting its campaigning.
We should seek to transform Young Labour and Labour Students by helping to build active, campaigning, discussing constituency/borough Young Labour groups and campus Labour Clubs.

5. Momentum is a democratic movement. It is developing a membership structure – which will be open either to all party members and those who have been unfairly excluded, or to party members and others willing to back Labour in all elections.
The National Committee should meet regularly, with plenty of notice so that local groups, etc, can prepare. Those speaking and acting in the name of Momentum nationally are accountable to that NC or its representatives.
Momentum should hold democratic, broad, accessible national conferences, starting soon and on a regular basis.

6. Momentum is an internationalist movement, rejecting nationalism and building links with other labour movement and left organisations across Europe and the world to discuss, learn and coordinate our struggles.


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