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Questions for American comrades

Isn’t Trump weaker now than ever? 

The neo-Nazi forces that he makes excuses for are frightening but in no way can they be considered an effective challenge to state power. But there is no other right wing force on the streets. Trump and Bannon always wanted support on the streets and they particularly need it now. But Trump fears discouraging it one moment, he fears identifying with it at another. So Trump wildly zig-zags and Bannon scowls in anger.

Although the President is Head of State, he isn’t the state. The ruling class of the US are linked to the state by ‘a thousand threads’ not just one. It does not easily accept centralised directives except under fear of their total loss of their power. And however we might wish it, capitalism isn’t under threat in the US. The American ruling class look at Trump and will be saying ‘we don’t need this shit’.

Another question for my American comrades. 

Do you not fear that Trump might never be as weak again?

His venality, his viciousness, his threat to peace; what he threatens must be clearer to the American worker now than ever, as well as to women, blacks and minorities. Trump’s team are at each other’s throats. It is questionable whether he has ‘a team’ at all.

The US media has been recently one of the tamest medias in the West. But to watch it last night, particularly CNN, was watching a Party of opposition, mercilessly attacking the President.

Whatever is possible to be done in order to damage him, should be done now. He can be brought down and it is the radical labour movement that can build up its democratic strength amongst the working class communities in bringing him down.