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Is war possible – what can we do?

The possibility of war looks real.

Can the EU states restrain Trump and Netanyahu from going to war?

Is Trump restrainable?

Saner elements in the US Democratic Party establishment have been trying to get Trump out of office for months through legal action. A few Republicans have indicated they would revolt against Trump – initially saying they would do so after the tax cuts on the rich last autumn. Continue reading

The EU’s fear of Corbyn is why we should Remainii

There was some talk on Twitter yesterday on the Times article in the picture. What does it prove?

Some are arguing that it shows yet again the coercive neoliberal nature of an EU that we are best out of.
Others have argued that the article is a malicious one-sided exaggeration, circulated by the Times to show how internationally unacceptable and catastrophic a Corbyn government would be. It is also thought to be intended by some to promote division in the Party.
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