The dirty infighting behind tactical votingi

The article in the Guardian today reports how angry Anna Soubry is for being excluded as the PV campaign’s preferred candidate in her constituency of Broxtowe.

She is quoted “What are they going to do in Broxtowe? The People’s Vote campaign have to get behind the people who launched the idea of a people’s vote. We were making the case in the face of total derision from some people who are now on board.”…

The article continues “Organisers acknowledge that there will be hard cases in which “brutal” decisions will have to be taken” Poor old Soubz.


So which way should Remain voters vote? Sure, lots of voters are confused about where Labour stands on the issue of Brexit. It took a lot of time explaining to MPs and candidates that hiding from the racist backlash within the Brexit movement was not the way forward. Some Labour MPs and candidates still stupidly refuse to personally call for a final say referendum.

But Labour is there now. Due to the hard work of left Labour anti-Brexiters, primarily in Another Europe is Possible and Labour for a Socialist Europe. Labour is for a second referendum in all circumstances. And especially if Labour conference goes ahead, it will ditch the fiction of a possible Labour Brexit that can be anything other than a step backwards.

So a vote for Labour will always be the best use of a vote to stop Brexit.

But even if you are solely concerned about Brexit, why not vote tactically as the PV campaign advises?

Two clear reasons.

1) Because those giving advice on whom to vote for, are neither experts nor impartial. Look at poor Anna Soubry – still tweeting venom against Labour. You think she would be championed by even the Blairites and Lib Dems who effectively run the PV campaign. But no, read in this linked article about her fury at not being supported.

For the People’s Vote campaign, led at the top with no accountability, is riven with petty sectarianism.

Soubry tried to set up her Change UK Party as an alternative to the Lib Dems. She failed, they are all deserting her. But the Lib Dems have not forgiven her. So are looking to see if they can back the rather puny Lib Dems in Broxtowe against her. Something that is great news to Labour supporters like myself in Broxtowe, where the local Labour party has never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity in exposing Soubry’s hypocrisy on Brexit.

2) Another reason not to take ‘advice’ on tactical voting. Because the Lib Dems are increasingly obviously the Tory Party 2.0. They are recruiting Tories. Rather than moving to the left, they are moving to the right. Competing with the Tory right with anti-Labour hyperbole. Refusing to support even a temporary minority Labour government to stop Brexit.

So don’t be conned by tactical voting. You can’t separate Brexit from all the other problems workers, migrants and others face: poverty pay, lack of rights at work, bad housing, the racism of all immigration controls. If you don’t deal with those issues, you give ammunition to the racists who brought about Brexit. ‘Look after (white) English jobs’, ‘clear out foreigners to make space for us’ etc.

If we go back to being in the EU as in 2014 but don’t deal with those issues, then we will only have a repeat of 2016 in front of us, or worse.

Defeat Brexit, defeat Johnson, end austerity, vote Labour. It is the only way

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