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The Hong Kong protests require working class support

The situation is getting increasingly tense in Hong Kong. To the fury of the Hong Kong people their Chief Executive and de facto ruler, Carrie Lam has given no concessions to the protest movement. She is seen as the direct and transparent agent of the Chinese Communist Party leaders back in Beijing whose support she needs to stay in her position. She has been unable even to respond to questions from the press, when any answers might go beyond her latest briefing from Beijing.

The protest movement

On the other hand, the protests get ever stronger and more numerous. At the latest demo on August 18, 1.7 million came out despite torrential rain. It was called by the broad coalition, the Civil Human Rights Front. One of whose demonstrations in the past exceeded 2 million – when it had not faced such bad weather.

These figures are about 1 in 4 of the entire Hong Kong population and in between these mass demonstrations, there have been more than a hundred other demos.

Generally more militant than and frequently defying police bans and attacks, these protests have still organised hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong people. The core of these demonstrations are generally designated ‘protestors’, often distinguished from ‘residents’. Their protests have increased in frequency and militancy over the last three months. Continue reading